Visiting Bath – An Adventure of Rugby, Bed & Breakfasts, and Teacakes

Take a jaunt through Somerset, in the southwest region of England, and you might just find yourself in the city of Bath. This beautiful city can be found in the River Avon valley where you can pamper yourself silly in one of their many luxurious spas while basking in the splendor of the surrounding limestone hills. Since it became a World Heritage Site in 1987, this city has become a haven for tourists and has something for everyone, from the sports enthusiast, to the culture student, to the epicurean.

If you’re looking for a bit of a culture trip, there are many places that will satisfy you in Bath. There is the Bath Theatre Royal where annual programs such as the Bath Shakespeare Festival and the Bath International Puppet Festival are just some of the many attractions that are sure to entertain you. There are also the Ustinov Studio, the Rondo Theatre and the Mission Theatre, all of which hold spectacular programs. If theatre does not tickle your fancy, you can always take part in the city’s other festivals such the Bath Film Festival, Bath Literature Festival, and for those feeling slightly more adventurous, the Bath Beer Festival! Don’t forget to take your camera and your sense of fun!

The city’s architecture has a very strong Roman influence, and this is very apparent all over the city. Roman pillar bases, foundations, and bath ruins can still be seen around the city’s hot springs. Visit the Bath Abbey and see the beautiful 16th century architecture in the flying buttresses and crocketed pinnacles of its parapet. Many social functions are held in The Circus, which are three long, curved terraces with a design that can be traced back to the Roman Coliseum. The nearby colossal Royal Crescent is a residential area of 30 houses laid in a crescent. If viewed from the air, the Royal Crescent and The Circus can be seen as a sphere and a crescent, which together represents the soleil-lune, or the sun and the moon.

One of the highlights of the buildings in Bath is that most of them are made from Bath Stones, which are golden-colored blocks of stone that are only found around the city. In recent years, one of the most current structures is the Bath Bus Station, which is famous as a Gregorian-style shopping district, aside from a transportation center where many buses dock to take you anywhere you wish to go.

Bath cuisine is famous for food that is distinctly identifiable to the city because the food features the name of Bath itself! For breakfast, make sure to order a Sally Lunn Bun, which is a traditional teacake that can be eaten with sweet and savory toppings. You can also try their Bath bun, which is a great crowd-pleaser because of its sweet toppings made from crushed comfits (caraway seeds dipped in boiling sugar) or nibs (crushed sugar granules). If you’re looking for something a bit more filling, try the Bath Olivers, which are dry biscuits, with Bath Chap, a salted and smoked cut of pork, for a truly savory Bath meal!

An adrenaline rush is something you’re sure to experience should you visit the city’s Recreation Ground where you can watch the local rugby team, Bath Rugby, play. There is also a Bath Cricket Club, which also plays at the Recreation Ground right across where the rugby is played. If you want to experience Bath first-hand, cycling is very popular in this city, and the Royal Victoria Park has designated places for doing so. Also, the annual Bath Half Marathon is done on the city streets and is something you should not miss!

After all this excitement, of course you would want a comfortable and quiet place to rest and relax, and if still haven’t gotten your fill of the city, you can always go and visit one of the city’s many public parks. The main one is the Royal Victoria Park (as mentioned above), which is very close to the Royal Crescent. This park was named after Princess Victoria, who opened it when she was only 11 years old. Here you can sit back and watch people skateboarding off the ramp, playing tennis on the nearby tennis courts, bowling in the alleys, or playing golf on a putting green and golf course. You can also relax by the pond, or listen to music, should you be lucky enough to catch an open-air concert, or just walk through the 57-acre park. The Royal Victoria has received several commendations, such as the Green Flag Award, which is the national standard for parks, and a registration as a Park of National Historical Importance by the English Heritage.

If you’re feeling very tired by now and you just want a cozy and comfortable place to spend the night, you can always stay in one of the many small family-owned hotels in Bath, commonly called “bed and breakfasts.” They are often known for their warm, friendly staff (usually a family), cozy atmosphere, and beautiful settings. Many of them can be seen around the countryside, but if you’re looking for that true rustic charm, there are those that can be found on farms, as well Of course, their breakfasts are quite outstanding, with good, hearty, and simple fare, often grown on the farm, or picked fresh from the countryside.

Source by Jojo Depietri